Imagery Deficit Disorder

I fell the other day while entering my house with groceries in hand. Sign from the universe? Of course. But what does it mean when you go down? It would be a lot easier to interpret signs like these if that inner voice with all the answers was louder. Did it mean stop? Pay attention? Take care of yourself? Rest? Stop complaining about your small house and learn to love it? I’m not really sure, as it could mean any of those things given my current situation.

That’s the problem with interpreting signs as warnings. If you get the intended message, there is a great feeling of relief and gratitude. If you don’t get the message readily, you add doubt to the problem the  message is pointing you to.

There are a lot of New Age discussions out there about this sort of thing–that you invite the circumstances of your life by thinking in certain ways. You know, “That which is like unto itself is drawn” would be how Abraham, Esther Hick’s spiritual guides, would put it. You get what you think about and I believe it’s true. However, it’s hard not to over-think the meaning of the signs. Exactly which thoughts led to my broken rib? There’s a lot of them swirling around in my head.

To get the message sent by the universe, you are advised by spirit guides to seek the counsel of your higher self by clearing the cluttered mind and waiting for the answer to come. Imagining white light is supposed to help. Ohmm’ing a note or two puts you up in the higher realms as well. I’ve done all those things. But, you know what? I rarely hear an inner voice. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in all this stuff. I just haven’t come across anyone who talks about how hard it is.

I’m re-reading the Sanaya Roman books. Orin suggests, to know your life purpose, imagine yourself entering the library containing your Akashic Records, find your book, open it, and the words will be there, defining your path.  My page has been blank for a week. Maybe this is why I fell?

I do hope my spirit guide has a sense of humor because I think it’s time those of us who fall down on our spiritual paths, break a rib, and can’t figure out which metaphysical message to pick get some attention. Maybe I should write one of those “10 Best” books next. How about “Top Ten Signs You’ve Misinterpreted Signs from the Universe”? A little wordy, but I can work on it. Or maybe I could coin a trendy new phrase–“Imagery Deficit Disorder”.

Anyway, to all those soul-seekers out there who do believe but dare to admit their mystical mediocrity, I invite you to share the honest and hilarious stories of your acausal disconnections. Hope I don’t fall down laughing.

Lots of Love!