It’s hard these days for me to think of anything but retirement because it is coming soon. Every move I  make seems to matter in terms of how it will impact my final departure from work.

Work. How I have dreamed of not working for so many years. Not getting up early. Not wearing clothes that look stupid. Being able to say the things I  want to say and do the things I want to do. What pleasure awaits me!

I shall sleep, eat, awaken, and work when I feel like it, soon. Soon, I will determine what the events of my days and nights will be with a feeling of abandon the likes of which I will recall only from much younger days!

Autonomy! Peace! Pot! Time to write whenever I want to! Sleeping in! Such is the life of the late bloomer on a quest for freedom!


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2 Responses to Retirement

  1. Rem Burns says:

    My my! Aren’t you just the free spirited word wonder at such an earlier hour of the morning. Trust me Dear Sandy when I say we’re on the same path. My train seems to be doing a lot of chugging. Some days it just seems to run out of steam and I need to pause and ponder the simple aspects of life and those that are yet to come. Keep the faith Kiddo! Enjoy every moment this short passing brings. Always!

  2. sandamelia says:

    Well well! Hi Remle! A new phase is coming for us for sure. Bring it on. We’ll be ready!

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